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The Lego Batman - Film Review
The Lego Batman Movie is directed by Chris Mckay, who is best known for the television series Robot Chicken.
This super satirical story spotlights the Dark Knight's solitary lifestyle, the Joker's desire for his arch-foe's respect, and Dick Grayson's necessity for family. This all culminates into a surprisingly sentimental flick.
TLBM features the vocal talents of several celebrity personalities. This includes but is not limited to Will Arnett as the narcissistic vigilante, Michael Cera as Dick, Bruce's accidental acquisition and ally, Zack Galifianakis as the lovelorn lunatic, the Joker, Ralph Fiennes as Alfred, the careful caregiver, and Rosario Dawson as Barbara, the commissioner's tenacious child. The voice acting is solid across the board. Galafianakis performs an impressive Joker. Probably my favorite of the bunch. He's no Hamill, Ledger or Nicholson, but he's definitely up there.
The funnies find you instantly as the film kicks off with snarky commentary on common movie elements
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Silence - Film Review
Silence is directed by Martin Scorsese who most recently brought us the Wolf Of Wall Street (2013).
This historical drama is set in the 17th century and is centered around the persecution of Christians in Japan.
Silence is the story of two priests, Rodrigues (Andrew Garfield) and Garupe (Adam Driver), who voyage to Nagasaki, Japan in search of their mentor, Father Ferreira (Liam Neeson), who was sent forth prior to preach but has now, allegedly, apostatized. The duo and their disciples undergo rigorous trials as their beliefs are challenged by local authorities.
Instantly the film's exquisite cinematography is evident. Though mud, foliage and rain comprise a majority of the sights, such settings persistently prove aesthetically compelling. The verdant landscapes bear the same pulchritude as the city's architecture. The ambiances accurately establish each scene. One may even watch fragments of the film without dialogue and still sense the same intended emotional weight.
The performances
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Fences - Film Review
Fences is directed by Denzel Washington and based on the 1983 play of the same name by August Wilson.
Set in the 1950's, Fences follows an African-American family coping with domestic hardships.
The scant cast of characters includes Troy Maxson (Denzel Washington), his wife, Rose (Viola Davis), best friend, Bono (Stephen Henderson), the couple's son, Cory (Jovan Adepo), Troy's son, Lyons (Russell Hornsby), Troy's brother, Gabe (Mykelti Williamson), and Raynell (Saniyya Sydney) who's role can not be divulged without spoiling certain elements of the plot. Aside from two or three tertiary characters, this is the entire cast.
There is plenty to appreciate here. The aesthetic, script, performances, and tone are among a few things. Honestly; I have to nitpick to find negatives.
The shift from stage to screen is discernible with the film's modest count of characters and locations.This is not problematic as Fences translates well to the big screen. Most of the happenings transpire within the M
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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Film Review
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is directed by Gareth Edwards who you may remember for bringing us Godzilla (2014).
If seeing the infamous kaiju for only 11 of 123 minutes in a feature audaciously titled "Godzilla" made you wary of Edwards visiting a galaxy far, far away, then content thyself; This one is pretty good.
The film follows nonconformist Jyn Erso (portrayed by Felicity Jones), who is recruited by the Rebel Alliance to aid in the acquisition of her father who is instrumental in the development of the Empire's ultimate weapon.
RO:ASWS deviates from it's predecessors vastly. Such is apparent at the very start, which, for the first time ever, lacks the franchise's iconic opening crawl. The deviation continues as we follow a female lead, which, until recently, was unheard of within the popular space opera. The deviation persists as the film's overall tone differs considerably from what we've grown accustomed to. RO is gritty but in a defining manner; not a depressing one.
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Limnarian derives from the word “limn [lim]” and the suffix “-arian [air-ee-uh n]”, which mean “to portray in drawing, painting, or words” and “a person who” respectively.

Limnarian was founded on June 25, 2016 by Antonio Kinchen to showcase traditional and literary arts.

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Limnarian derives from the word “limn [lim]” and the suffix “-arian [air-ee-uh n]”, which mean “to portray in drawing, painting, or words” and “a person who” respectively.

Limnarian was founded on June 25, 2016 by Antonio Kinchen to showcase traditional and literary arts.


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